Saturday, October 27, 2012

desk organizer | A&E Design, Sweden | Argo, Sweden

Tom Ahlström and Hans Ehrich

A&E design is one of the leading industrial design consultancies in Sweden.  The firm was founded in 1968 by Tom Ahlström (born in 1943) and Hans Ehrich (born in 1942).  Both had previously studied design and metalwork at Konstfackskolan in Stockholm.  A&E Design has received 14 Excellent Swedish Design Awards and 5 Red Dot Awards for their designs.

A&E Design logo

This organizer is a single piece, with two slots on the left side for letters or notepads and one long slot in back for important papers or a calendar.  On the right, there are 12 small cylindrical slots for pencils or thin pens and 4 larger cylindrical slots for markers or highlighters. In the center of the organizer, there are two small wells for paperclips, rubber bands or other supplies, a long oval well, and an even longer oval well in front for a ruler or other items.

The organizer measures 15-1/4” long by 5-1/2” wide by 2-1/4” tall.

A&E Design desk organizerA&E Design desk organizerA&E Design desk organizerA&E Design desk organizerA&E Design desk organizerA&E Design desk organizer

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Desk organizer | Ancona 2 Designers | M. Kamenstein, Inc., White Plains, New York | 1987

Ancona Kamenstein desk organizer

This desk organizer was designed by Ancona 2 Designers (now A2, Inc.) in New York City. A2 is a product development consultancy focused on design strategy, market and user research, industrial design and  engineering. The firm has unparalleled experience in bringing award-winning, highly saleable housewares, electronics, major appliances and other user-focused products to market.
A2 has developed a highly successful product development method, focusing on a grounded approach to ensure executable design by considering, from the outset, such factors as cost, distribution, and manufacturing.

A2, Inc. logo

Kamenstein is now part of Lifetime Brands.  An American tradition for over a century, the Kamenstein name is usually associated with kitchen and pantry accessories. The rotating spice racks produced under the Kamenstein brand allude to the lazy Susan nature of this desk organizer.

Office Gadget Organizer design patent

The first page of the United States “Office Gadget Organizer” patent, number D303,552.  The rest of the patent can be found here.


Ancona Kamenstein desk organizer, whiteAncona Kamenstein desk organizer, white

Image source:  eBay.


Ancona Kamenstein desk organizer, blue   Ancona Kamenstein desk organizer, blue

Image source:  Etsy.com

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dome Master ice bucket | Nicholas Angelakos | Lancaster Colony Corporation, United States of America | 1969

First shared on January 12, 2012 in light blue and later in other colors (click here for the search for “Dome Master”).  Here is an identical ice bucket in yellow.

Dome Master ice bucket, yellow

Dome Master ice bucket, yellow

eBay item 190737929784 ends October 17, 2012 at 15:25:41 PDT (United States).

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pago Pago vase | Enzo Mari | Alessi, Italy | 1997 | UPDATE

An update to my post of January 24, 2009, the Pago Pago vase by Enzo Mari. The original Pago Pago (3087) vase issued by Danese dates from 1969. Here is the box for the 1997 Alessi reissue of the Pago Pago vase made by Enzo Mari for Danese.

eBay item 261110007720, Buy it now (United States).

Pago Pago Alessi reissue, yellow, box

Pago Pago Alessi reissue, yellow, with box

The label on the package reads as follows.  Note that this label is specific to the yellow vase.  The bottom line is the UPC code.

La Tavola di Babele
90052 Y
“Pago – Pago”
Vaso per fiori doppio produtto in ABS, giallo.
Double-sided flower vase produced in ABS, yellow.
ø cm 20 h cm 30,5
ø 8” h 9 1/4”
design Enzo Mari
(1969) 1997
8 003299 298921

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Krups battery operated wall clock | ca. 1972 | UPDATE

Here is another Krups “electronic” wall clock identical in style but different in color than the one posted on June 19, 2012. The face is made of red plastic with white split circles serving as 12, 3, 6, and 9. The line that divides these circles is repeated to designate the other numbers on the clock face but in positive instead of negative. There is a circular transparent plastic covering over the face.  The clock is 7” (18cm) in diameter and 2” (5cm) tall.

The minute and hour hands are both made of silver metal. There is a circular transparent Perspex screen protecting the face. A large decorative white metallic screw sits on top of the face, which allows the time to be easily set. The case is made of white plastic and the mechanism is placed at the back. There is a large metallic hook on top of the casing so that the clock can be fixed to a wall. The original Krups label is present on the face and the clock is dated August, 1972, with ‘8 72’ stamped on the back.  The clock takes one C/R14 1.5V size battery.

eBay item 320992672818 ends October 7, 2012 at 12:55:15 PDT (United Kingdom).

red Krups wall clock

 red Krups wall clock

red Krups wall clock

red Krups wall clock

red Krups wall clock

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