Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pago Pago vase | Enzo Mari | Alessi, Italy | 1997 | UPDATE

An update to my post of January 24, 2009, the Pago Pago vase by Enzo Mari. The original Pago Pago (3087) vase issued by Danese dates from 1969. Here is the box for the 1997 Alessi reissue of the Pago Pago vase made by Enzo Mari for Danese.

eBay item 261110007720, Buy it now (United States).

Pago Pago Alessi reissue, yellow, box

Pago Pago Alessi reissue, yellow, with box

The label on the package reads as follows.  Note that this label is specific to the yellow vase.  The bottom line is the UPC code.

La Tavola di Babele
90052 Y
“Pago – Pago”
Vaso per fiori doppio produtto in ABS, giallo.
Double-sided flower vase produced in ABS, yellow.
ø cm 20 h cm 30,5
ø 8” h 9 1/4”
design Enzo Mari
(1969) 1997
8 003299 298921

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