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Vicario armchair | Vico Magistretti | Artemide, Italy | 1970

Vico Magistretti Vicario armhair Vico Magistretti
Artemide, Italy, 1970

For a short biography of and more information about Vico Magistretti, check out my previous post about the Selene stacking chair.  The Vicario armchair is similar in design to the Gaudi armchair but with different dimensions.

side by side comparison of the Vicario armchair (left) and Gaudi armchair (right).

A side by side, silhouette comparison of the Vicario armchair (left) and Gaudi armchair (right).  For more side by side pictures of the Vicario and Gaudi, check out space1999.net here!

Approximate dimensions of the Gaudi and Vicario armchairs.

  height width depth
Gaudi 75cm 59cm 58cm
Vicario 64cm 71cm 66cm
The Vicario (or “Vicar”) armchair was manufactured by Artemide from compression moulded “Reglar” fiberglass reinforced polyester.  The Vicario armchair was shown at the 1972 exhibition “Italy: the New Domestic Landscape” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  The other objects by Magistretti in the show are illustrated in my post about the Selene stacking chair.

It was more difficult to find examples of the Vicario chair with their imprints than the Gaudi and Selene chairs.


Vicario armchair, whiteVicario armchair, white

Image source:  eBay


Vicario armchair, red Vicario armchair, red

Image source:  Vintage Views Consignment and Consulting through eBay.  Right:  detail of the leg.


Vicario armchair, green1060372

Image source: deconet.com.


Vicario armchair, brownVicario armchair, brown

Image source:  Bukowski’s Market.  Auction closed September 23, 2012.  Sold for 350SEK ($52).

Vicario armchair, brown

Imprint from brown Vicario chair (not from chair above).


Vicario armchair, black

Image source:  Wright Gallery.

Vico Magistretti and Italian Design.  An interview with Vico Magistretti from YouTube (in Italian).

Vico Magistretti Foundation

See the Vico Magistretti Foundation website for a wealth of information about the designer.

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