Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kartell catalog | Kartell, Italy | 2012

Numerous new items and old items in new colors have been added to the Kartell catalog for 2012.  The most notable is probably the reissue of the 4801 chair by Joe Colombo (in transparent, white, and black, it is shown on p. 54). Click here or the page below to read the 2012 Kartell catalog.

2012 Kartell catalog

Original Joe Colombo 4801 chair

Reissue Joe Colombo 4801 chair

Left:  An original 4801 chair made from three interlocking pieces of plywood.  The 4801 chair is famous for being the only Kartell item to be produced entirely of wood.  Image source:  1stdibs.  Right:  Reissue of the 4801 chair.  The reissue is produced from transparent or batch dyed PMMA.  Image source:  hivemodern.

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