Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The top 10 posts of 2012


Happy New Year!  If you haven’t stopped by my blog before, welcome.  If you have, thanks for being a returning visitor.  It has been another great year, learning more about what I can do to put together what I hope is a useful, good quality research blog.

One of my goals for this year was to put together an eBook out of some posts, so I chose the top 5 posts of 2012 and built the updates into the original information.  I like the way it turned out.  After a lot of searching for what to do and how to put together an eBook, I found that getting the posts into Word, formatting, then printing as a pdf was the best and most flexible way to publish.  Since the content was already there, it wasn’t too hard to put together.  The online tools that are out there were either limited, included a watermark, or had to be paid for.  If you are interested in reading about what people that visit Object Plastic most frequently read about in 2012, click the title page below for the download.

Object <> Plastic eBook 2012

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Click to see the top 10 Object Plastic posts from 2011 and 2010.  Below are the top 10 Object Plastic posts from 2012 based on pageviews.


Parentesi lamp by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù. Hmm, the installation instructions are looked at more often than the lamp itself.  

Posted March, 2011.
Parentesi lamp


Plano table by Giancarlo Piretti.  Could you find a more rationally designed table that can be tucked away when not in use?
Last year #4.
Posted February, 2010.
Plano table
  8 Pluvium umbrella stand by Giancarlo Piretti. Store your umbrellas in style.

Posted January, 2010. 
Pluvium umbrella stand
  7 La Bomba picnic set by Villeroy & Boch.  Best. Picnic set. Ever.

Last year #10.
Posted December, 2009.
La Bomba picnic set
  6 Parentesi lamp installation instructions.  A beautiful lamp that can be a challenge to install.

Posted February, 2012.
Parentesi lamp
  5 Sorella table lamp by Harvey Guzzini and now Nemo Cassina.  Go find yourself an original.

Last year #7.
Posted January, 2011.
Sorella table lamp
  4 Selene stacking chair by Vico Magistretti.  A stylish and sturdy chair.    

Posted December, 2011.
Selene stacking chair
  3 Pet Shop Boys “Very” compact disc case.  Don’t come here looking to pirate the CD.  This is all about the case it comes in!

Last year #3.
Posted April, 2009.
Pet Shop Boys "Very" compact disc case
  2 Hot Bertaa kettle by Philippe Starck.  Let this impractically gorgeous kettle wow your guests.

Last year #1.
Posted March, 2009. 
Hot Bertaa kettle
  1 Rougier tube lamp by Rougier.  This is one fine looking lamp.

Last year #2.
Posted February, 2009.
Rougier tube lamp

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