Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mini-Light alarm clock, model 0507-000 | Seth Thomas, General Time | ca. 1970

In researching cube clocks like the Minicube alarm clock, I also encountered the Mini-Light alarm clock.  It is similar in design to the Minicube.  In fact, it has the same back.  The position of the screws are identical, as are the controls for setting the alarm and the time.  Like the Minicube, the Mini-Light operates on AC and must be plugged in, it is not battery operated. The difference is in the face of the clock.  The Mini-Light cube alarm clock is given the model designation 0507-000.

On the Mini-Light, there is a transparent square face that covers the dial and the hands.  This face is screened in such a way to leave an open circle.  Large graphic numerals are also screened and the “Seth Thomas” name is added between the center of the clock and the 3.  The dial is backlit.  The Mini-Light alarm clock is relatively common and can be purchased for under $30.  Just make sure to get one that doesn’t have a scratched up face.

Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, night view

During the day, the clock is easy to read.  During the night, the hands and numbers are silhouetted against the backlight, so the clock remains easy to read!

The following table lists the case colors and catalog numbers of the Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clocks I have found. It does not include any of the special variants.  The color of the screened numerals on the transparent plastic face is the same as the case except for the white case, which is screened in black.  If you know of any other color combinations, please comment below!

Case color Catalog number
Blue 507
Green 508
Orange 509
White 510

Orange, catalog number 509.  From eBay.

Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, orangeSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, orangeSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, orange

Blue, catalog number 507.  From etsy.com.

Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, blueSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, blueSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, blue

Green, catalog number 508.  From eBay.

Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, greenSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, greenSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, green

White, catalog number 510.  From etsy.com.

Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, whiteSeth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, white

An alternative model.  Catalog number 412, name Reveille.  Note that the model is given as E043-000.  This is still a Mini-Light alarm clock.  The screen on the face of this clock is in blue and white, the hour hand is red, the minute hand is blue, and the second hand is white.  The stars and stripes motif scream that this is a piece of bicentennial celebration memorabilia.

Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, reveille (stars & stripes patriotic)Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, reveille (stars & stripes patriotic)Seth Thomas Mini-Light alarm clock, reveille (stars & stripes patriotic)

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