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Art Happenings No. 3a interactive art | Raymor, United States of America | 1970

Click for a brief history of Raymor and biography of Irving Richards, founder of the company.

Art Happenings Logo

I previously posted about the Art Happenings No. 12.  This was a series of art pieces created by Raymor featuring a magnetic base and pieces with magnets attached that could be arranged on the base.  The expectation was that the user could participate in the creative process by arranging the elements into an infinite variety of patterns.  I am adding the Art Happenings 3a and Art Happenings 3b pieces here mainly for the sake of completeness.  They are an interesting series, some of which have elements of plastic composition.  The 3a and 3b have metal arrows.

Art Happenings 3a

Art Happenings 3a and 3b are related.  They both feature 8 arrows as the movable elements.  The 3a features 3 in purple and 5 in black. The 3b features 2 in purple (the same purple as in the 3a) and 6 in orange.  This auction was for Art Happenings No. 3a.

Art Happenings 3a

The interactive art piece consists of a painted metal base panel on which can be positioned the 8 arrows.

The dimensions of the Raymor “Art Happenings” interactive art is 19” by 19-1/4” square on a 1/4” base panel. The box is 19-1/2” by 19-1/2” by 1” thickness. The arrows are 4-7/8” by 4-7/8”.

Art Happenings 3a, boxArt Happenings 3a, box

The base and arrow elements are unmarked. The box manufacturer's stamp on the back includes “1970”, most likely the year of production. The back is also stamped, “SALVAGE DEPT. / EMPLOYEE SALES / MAR 15 1971”.

eBay item 290868031637 ended February 28, 2013 at 19:53:03 PST (United States). There were 2 bidders who placed 3 bids. The winning bid was $38.77.  Shipping added a substantial $28.45.

Art Happenings a Raymor concept

A flyer that shows the variety of Art Happenings pieces available from Raymor. Art Happenings, a Raymor concept, you change the picture.

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