Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Broakulla decorative object | Katarina Brieditis | Ikea, Sweden | 2002

Katarina BrieditisHere are some half-ball wall panels, a decorative object by Katarina Brieditis for Ikea.  Katarina Brieditis was born in 1967 in Uppsala, Sweden.  She has been a freelance designer since 1996.  While she mainly engages in textile design, freelancing allows Brieditis to also work in other fields.  Check out the online presence of Katarina Brieditis.

On the “About” page of her website, Brieditis describes her design philosophy:

Much of my work develops through hands-on experiments with the material itself, where old craft techniques meet contemporary expressions in rhythm, scale or composition.

I’m interested in modern materials as well as all materials that can be recycled, and this has always been an important source of inspiration to me. I have a deep and sincere love for colours, materials and all types of techniques. They seem to constantly offer me new challenges.

For the Broakulla, each panel is made up of an array of 3 by 5 hemispheres. Each panel measures 13-3/4” by 22-1/2”.  When combined together, they make a very large art piece. The colors are much more indicative of a mid century piece than something contemporary by Ikea.

There was considerable interest in this particular auction on eBay, with 6 bidders placing 15 bids.  The 6 panels sold for $355.00, $60 for each panel.  Domestic shipping added $28.  Occasional past auctions have these selling individually for $10-15 per panel plus shipping.

eBay item 121083059452 ended March 24, 2013 at 21:54:30 PDT (United States).

Broakulla half-ball wall art decorative object by Katarina Brieditis

Four of the six panels together, size 55” by 90”.

Broakulla half-ball wall art decorative object by Katarina Brieditis, packaging

Broakulla half-ball wall art decorative object by Katarina Brieditis, front

Broakulla half-ball wall art decorative object by Katarina Brieditis, back

Packaging, front, and back of a single panel.  Each panel measures 22-1/2” by 13-3/4”.


Katarina Brieditis. Retrieved March 25, 2013 from http://brieditis.se/#/About.

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