Monday, April 8, 2013

Geni carafe | Geni International | Canada

Here is the Geni carafe by Geni International.  It has obvious similarities to the Genie server carafe by David Douglas (1966).  Images of the Geni carafe from eBay.

Geni carafe, orange     David Douglas Therm Ware carafe, orange

Left:  Geni carafe.  Right:  David Douglas Therm-Ware Genie server carafe.

The difference between the two carafes is in the middle third, where the shape is less rounded.

Geni carafe with stopper, orange

Geni carafe with stopper.

Geni carafe, orange

Bottom of the Geni carafe.  There is a sticker that reads “GENI / MADE IN CANADA”.  The bottom reads: Geni®/INTERNATIONAL LTD. / DO NOT PLACE OVER HEAT

David Douglas Therm Ware carafe, orange

Compare it to the bottom of the David Douglas Therm-Ware Genie server carafe.

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