Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lucite block clock

Lucite block clock with Ritz Italora mechanism

This is an interesting Lucite desk or table clock that measures 6-1/2” wide by 4-1/2” deep and is 5-1/2” in height.  The assembly weighs 6 pounds.  It consists of a large acrylic block with a slanted face, a clock mechanism that slips into the block, and a covering for the clock.

eBay item 321118422982 ends May 7, 2013 at 19:11:49 PDT (United States).  Bidding starts at $175.99, buy it now at $299.95.  It has been put up for bids a couple of times but hasn’t sold:  do a search for “Vintage Italian Modern Lucite Mantle Clock Mid Century Modern Design”.

Lucite block clock with Ritz Italora mechanism

There isn’t a label on the clock but the simple black and white clock face says “MADE IN ITALY LIC. ATO 2 JEWELS”.

Lucite block clock with Ritz Italora mechanism

What initially caught my eye was the similarity of the face to the Cronotime clock by Pio Manzù for Ritz-Italora.  The back of the clock confirms my suspicions and reads:


This is a Ritz-Italora model of the clock, but it is likely a later version as the back of this clock is in transparent plastic whereas the back of many of the early editions are metal.

Matching clock face from the original Cronotime clock by Pio Manzù for Ritz-Italora

Above:  a matching clock face from the original Cronotime clock by Pio Manzù for Ritz-Italora and later reissued by Alessi.

Other pictures of the clock.

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