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Artemide 2007–2008 catalog | Artemide, Italy

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Artemide 2007-2008 catalog

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Artemide 2007–2008 catalog.
Artemide 2008–2009 catalog.
Artemide 2010 catalog.
Artemide 2011 catalog.
Artemide 2013 catalog.

The Artemide light has never been solely a function of seeing. Or an opportunity for formal experimentation with lamps as objects. For more than 40 years, the Artemide Group has aimed to propose light as a companion to people, as a source of physical pleasure and mental comfort. And they have done so, with different work groups, searching through the whole design process, starting with a declaration of values: The Human Light. Beyond the definition, The Human Light, is intelligent light, a light that knows it has to relate to people, accompanying them in their daily activities. That is why Artemide attention today is concentrated on the concept of the context of life, understood as a specific microenvironment in which an event occurs where one or more persons are the protagonists. Every context of life can be associated with different light contexts, or the different atmospheres of light characterised by the activities that, at various moments of the day, have us as protagonists. Starting from these contexts, and the lighting conditions that characterise them, Artemide proposes products capable of meeting people’s multiple needs and offering the light performance characteristics most suited to each moment of life. It is light that is flexible and adaptable, which produces the optimum visual precision, and consumes the minimum environmental resources. It is Artemide light.

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