Monday, June 17, 2013

Artemide 2008–2009 catalog | Artemide, Italy

Click here or the cover below to read the Artemide 2008–2009 catalog.

Artemide 2008-2009 catalog

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Artemide 2007–2008 catalog.
Artemide 2008–2009 catalog.
Artemide 2010 catalog.
Artemide 2011 catalog.
Artemide 2013 catalog.

Leafing through the Artemide catalogue is like retracing an important pathway in the history of contemporary design. Great masters, unique intuitions, patient research and tenacious innovative spirit, rewarded by innumerable prizes and consecrated in the most prestigious Museums worldwide, up to and including the most recent creations, expressions of the spirit of today and projected into the future. In almost half a century of business and entrepreneurial experience, a surprising continuity can be felt, placing the Artemide products outside and above traditions, trends, and fashions of the moment. The fil rouge [common thread] which characterises Artemide’s experience is the unexhausted desire to find solutions to the human demand for lighting, even if still unexpressed and unconscious. The person is constantly placed at the centre of the project; formal and aesthetic needs, technological innovations, individual and collective talents have been, are, and always will be, at the service of a special purpose. The Human Light: everywhere in the world, the light of Artemide for the wellness of man.

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