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Artemide 2010 catalog | Artemide, Italy

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Artemide 2010 catalog

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Artemide 2010 catalog.
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Artemide’s goal is simple and yet extraordinarily complex: to make light an element able to improve the quality of life. The Human Light, a project promoted by Carlotta de Bevilacqua, means conceiving light to accompany man in his daily activity, supporting moods and contributing to individual wellness, with maximum visual precision and minimum consumption of environmental resources. The idea of The Human Light takes the form of a number of important research paths:

METAMORFOSI (patented project) is an innovative technology involved in creating colour sensations which can be adapted to different moods, to the characteristics of the setting and to physical and mental moods of each individual. Light takes back its sense of colour, with all its symbolic and beneficial power.

A.L.S.O. is a collection of multi-performing objects for the integrated management of important environmental parameters, like light, sound and air, using the combined action of lighting technologies, sound diffusion and electrostatic filtration. The entire setting can be moulded to individual needs.

With MY WHITE LIGHT Artemide makes appliances available that can generate variable white light from warm tones (2.500 K) to very cold tones (20.000 K) and adjustable in intensity, as well as generating coloured light. For the first time man can choose between the infinite shades of white light.

LUXERION is a new range of multifunctional appliances which integrate light and air purification. Developed together with Elica, leader in the production of kitchen hoods, it is a totally innovative line, which marks a first-time level of comfort in residential and professional settings.

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