Thursday, July 11, 2013

Artemide 2011 catalog | Artemide, Italy

Click here or the cover below to read the Artemide 2011 catalog.

Artemide 2011 catalog

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Artemide 2011 catalog.
Artemide 2013 catalog.

Artemide Group is a global leader in professional and residential lighting. Based in Milan, Artemide operates through a broad distribution network, comprised of 17 branch offices and 58 single brand showrooms in the main cities around the world. The brand’s international spirit generates a constant focus on the complexities of the global world, allowing the Centre for Research and Innovation to identify, anticipate, and interpret the emerging needs in terms of lighting projects in contemporary markets, through its co-operation with the most outstanding designers of our time.

Through the Giacinto Gismondi Centre for Innovation, founded in 1985, Artemide carries out research and conceives new technological applications aimed at a high quality of life, with constant focus on man and on the planet, translating into sustainable and efficient products. The Human Light is the philosophy driving Artemide and its commitment to illuminate man’s space, its activities and needs, to improve the quality of his life and work.

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