Thursday, August 1, 2013

Artemide 2013 catalog | Artemide, Italy

Click here or the cover below to read the Artemide 2013 catalog.

Artemide 2013 catalog

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Artemide 2007–2008 catalog.
Artemide 2008–2009 catalog.
Artemide 2010 catalog.
Artemide 2011 catalog.
Artemide 2013 catalog.

Light is a daily presence in our lives. The relationship between people, light and the environment has always been central in Artemide’s vision and it has been developed over the years. This ranges from the aspects aimed at the well-being of the individual and their perception of spaces, to tackling the issues associated with environmental sustainability. The Human Light is light capable of following the flow of individuals’ behaviours and emotions. It is designed for the psychological well-being of people, offering new qualities, emotions and awareness to our lives and opening up an innovative and responsible vision of the future. Light becomes a mouldable raw material with The Human Light, an active instrument to support the Self, a means of regaining stimuli and sensations. The self-awareness in the relationship between light and people must be interpreted not only as a right to flexible management within everybody’s reach, but above all as an obligation.

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