Saturday, August 3, 2013

Legoland Florida, a plastic adventure

Legoland Florida logo

On July 22 I was in Orlando with some fantastic friends and their adorable children.  I had the opportunity to visit Legoland Florida.  It is a wonder in ABS plastic, perfect for younger kids from toddlers up to maybe 10 or so, or up to any age if you really dig Legos.  I grew up with and happen to really dig Legos so I was excited to make a visit.

Legoland Florida map

The areas of the park are: The Beginning which hosts the park entry, ticket and pass sales, guest services. Fun Town, a Lego village. Miniland, the central attraction that is home to seven themed areas built from Lego blocks. Duplo Village, a play area intended for toddlers. Lego Kingdoms, with its medieval flair. Land of Adventure, where visitors of all ages explore hidden tombs and hunt for treasure. Lego City, a scaled-down town. Imagination Zone, which emphasizes exploration and creation. Lego Technic with its Lego Technic Test Track, Aquazone Wave Racers and Technicycle. Pirates’ Cove, home to Legoland Florida’s water ski and stunt show, “The Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty.” The World of Chima, which has a water ride. The historic Cypress Gardens are also on site.  Legoland Water Park can be added to your ticket for an additional charge.

Entering the park

Entering the park.

Legoland tickets

Legoland tickets.

Dinosaur at entry

Lego dinosaur as you enter the park.

Though it isn’t a real Lego factory, between The Beginning and Fun Town there is a stylized display that goes through the process of how Lego bricks are manufactured in detail.

ABS pellets

Lego store

The store at the end of this exhibit has bin after bin of different color and sized bricks that can be purchased by the pound.

Lego giraffe

Lego tiger

Giraffe and Tiger in Duplo Village.

Entering Lego Kingdoms

Entering Lego Kingdoms.

Miniland U.S.A. is awesome.  The world in miniature and ABS plastic Legos!

Miniland USA

Lego Statue of Liberty

Lego Las Vegas

Lego Space Coast

On the way to Cypress Gardens there is a beautiful waterfall with Lego otters and across the way, foxes.

Lego otter waterfall

Lego foxes

Cypress Gardens is part of the park.  Gorgeous throughout, its centerpiece is the banyan tree planted as a seedling in 1939.  No, it is real, not made of plastic blocks.

Banyan tree

A lot of time and attention has been dedicated to details at the park, including occasional squirrels and birds made out of Legos.

Lego squirrel

Lego squirrel     Lego bird

I got a few souvenirs at the Big Store on the way out of the park.  Here is one of them, a metallic gold Lego brick keychain.

Legoland souvenir

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