Thursday, January 30, 2014

1476 battipanni (carpet beater) | Gino Colombini | Kartell, Italy | 1960 | UPDATE

Here is an update to my posts of March 6, 2012  (1476 carpet beater in red) and December 29, 2012 (1476 carpet beater in green) by Gino Colombini for Kartell.  Here is the carpet beater (battipanni) in blue.

eBay item 141175703654, Buy It Now (Italy).  The buy it now price is €10.50 plus shipping.

Gino Colombini for Kartell 1476 carpet beaterGino Colombini for Kartell 1476 carpet beater imprint

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

13 inch Lucite ruler

This Lucite ruler is unusual in that it counts to 13 inches instead of the usual 12.  But many of these thick, chunky measuring sticks do go to 13 for some reason.  The ruler is made of 3/8” thick acrylic and is 13” long by 2-1/8” wide.  The numerals that identify full inches are 1-5/8” tall. 

Lucite ruler top sideLucite ruler bottom side

The odd numbered inches are screened in white ink on the top side of the ruler.  The even numbered inches and divisions are screened in reverse in black ink on the bottom side of the ruler.  This way they can be read normally when viewed from the top down.  It also gives an alternating sense of depth to the numbers.  Divisions for full, half, eighth, and sixteenths of an inch are present.

Lucite ruler

Because of the nature of the screened ink and through general use, it is normal to find these rulers with scratches on them.  While I am not sure of a maker or manufacturer, this ruler has a label affixed that reads “MADE IN TAIWAN”.

Lucite ruler MADE IN TAIWAN label

This style of ruler was used for promotional purposes, as they are frequently found with the Playboy bunny logo on the “1” inch numeral.  This ruler has an opposite color theme, with white on the bottom and black on the top.  It also has a different font for the numerals and has inches divided only into half, quarter, and eighths.  Yet, it still retains many of the characteristics of the ruler above. Image source:  eBay.

Playboy Lucite acrylic ruler whole Playboy Lucite acrylic ruler

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tai Tischventilator table fan

This “tischventilator,” German for table or desk fan, is in teal and ivory plastic and manufactured by Tai.  Measures 15cm by 15 cm and 10cm deep. (5.9” square by 3.9” deep).  With original box.

Tai tischventilator table or desk fan with box

eBay item 261371841383 sold January 19, 2014 at 05:34:29 PST (Germany), Buy It Now for £49.00 ($80.86) plus shipping.  Note that there was some damage to the fan.

Tai tischventilator table or desk fan front viewTai tischventilator table or desk fan back view Tai tischventilator table or desk fan side view

Image source, meiwo.design, from eBay.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bradley alarm clock | West Germany

Yellow, cube shaped, wind up alarm clock by Bradley, West Germany.  The clock measures 3-1/4” on a side.  The  original instructions remain affixed to bottom.

eBay item 141169706820 ends January 26, 2014 at 07:25:26 PST (United States).

Bradley alarm clock face and top Bradley alarm clock winding mechanism

The instructions read:


This clock is fitted with the most modern alarm setting device. (Read Instruction Booklet enclosed).
SETTING ALARM – Set ALARM in-dicator to desired time by turning bottom KNOB in direction of arrow.
WINDING ALARM – Wind ALARM key FULLY in direction of arrow.  This will automatically raise white alarm BUTTON on top of case.  Your alarm is now set to ring.
TO RESET ALARM – Repeat instruc-tions under “WINDING ALARM”.

Bradley alarm clock instructions

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brumbry (Brumbury) table lamp | Luigi Massoni | Harvey Guzzini, Italy | 1969

First off, while Guzzini lists this lamp as the “Brumbry” it is often called the “Brumbury.” This naming issue can makes it more challenging to search the lamp.  Luigi Massoni is the designer, and the lamp was produced by Guzzini starting in 1969.

Luigi Massoni Brumbry lamp by Guzzini

Above:  Brumbry table lamp in white.  The lamp was in production from 1969 to 1982. Dimensions: 450mm diameter by 430mm height.  Between 1969 and 1972, the product number of the lamp was 507. Between 1973 and 1982, the product number of the lamp was 4009. Image source:  Guzzini Archives.

The Brumbry lamp features a two tiered shade made of methacrylate (acrylic). The shade comes in two colors, white and orange. The top dome of the shade is edged with chrome and there is a hole at the top of the dome to allow heat to escape.  The white and orange color schemes were common to Guzzini lamps in the late 60s.  The Bud and Bud Grande and Clan lamps were offered in a similar pair of colors.  The white and orange lamps below, image source: eBay.

Guzzini Brumbry lamp orange shade detail


Guzzini Brumbry lamp white offGuzzini Brumbry lamp whiteGuzzini Brumbry lamp white switch detailGuzzini Brumbry lamp white label


Guzzini Brumbry lamp orange oblique Guzzini Brumbry lamp orange with switch 

The lamp houses four E14 bulbs. One bulb is located in the top tier dome and three are located in the lower shade. The electrical switch operates such that the top dome bulb can be turned on for uplighting, the three lower bulbs can be turned on for downlighting or all four bulbs can be illuminated simultaneously.

The three lower bulbs can be easily changed. The top bulb is accessible by turning three chrome bolts with spherical heads in the underside. The lamp features a large, columnar white lacquered metal standard above a chrome base.

Brumbry table lamp by Luigi Massoni for Guzzini underside

The underside of the Brumbry lamp shade. Image source: Visavu Design.

Brumbry table lamp schematicSchematic of the Brumbry table lamp.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pipe Dreams watering can | Jerszy Seymour | Magis, Italy | 2000

Jerszy Seymour was born in Berlin in 1968.  He grew up in London and went on to study engineering at South Bank Polytechnic from 1987 to 1990 and industrial design at the Royal College of Art from 1991 to 1993.  He then moved to Milan where he conducted a variety of experimental and conceptual projects.  Seymour has designed for companies including Magis, Vitra, Kreo, Moulinex, SFR, and IDEE.  He has taught at the RCA in London, the Domus Academy in Milan, the ECAL in Lausanne, the HfG in Karlsruhe and the Vitra Design Workshops in France.  In 2000 he was awarded the Dedalus Award for European Designer of the Year and in 2003 he was awarded the Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art.  He has lived and worked in Berlin since 2004.  Check out his web presence at the Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop.

Magis logo

Eugenio Perazza founded Magis in 1976.  It is headquartered in Motto di Livenza, near Venice. Magis has been a leader in using plastics in their furniture and accessories.

 Jersey Seymour Pipe Dreams watering can for MagisPipe Dreams watering can by Jersey Seymour for Magis

The  Pipe Dreams watering can by Jerszy Seymour is available in four color schemes:  a white body with light blue caps, a yellow body with green caps, a red body with red caps, and a dark blue body with yellow caps.  It is made of blow molded polyethylene.

Jersey Seymour Pipe Dreams watering can for Magis schematicAbove is a schematic diagram of the Pipe Dreams watering can.  It measures 29cm by 18cm by 27cm in height.

Pipe Dreams watering can by Jersey Seymour for Magis detail

Detail of the Pipe Dreams watering can in a white body with light blue caps.  One of the caps features numerous small holes, the other cap features one larger diameter hole.  By holding a different “stalk” on the can, a sprinkling or a stream watering effect can be achieved.

Pipe Dreams watering can by Jersey Seymour for Magis with box

The Pipe Dreams watering can with original box and instruction sheet.  This one sold on eBay in new condition for $65 in January, 2014.

Designed in 2000, Pipe Dreams is still available.  It retails for between $90 and $110.

The above video features R. Craig Miller, Senior Curator of Design Arts and Director of Design Initiatives at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Penny Sparke, design scholar of Kingston University in the U.K., as they discuss objects from the exhibition “European Design since 1985” at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The discussion features the Pipe Dreams watering can by Jerszy Seymour and Soundsation radio alarm clock by matali crasset and Philippe Starck.


Jerszy Seymour: Designer. Retrieved January 7, 2014 from http://www.hbksaar.de/fileadmin/hbk/images/vorlesungsverzeichnis/JERSZY_SEYMOUR_VITA.pdf

Jerszy Seymour. Retrieved January 7, 2014 from http://www.helmrinderknecht.com/index.php/jerszy-seymour.html

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Deminted dollars $50,000 acrylic sculpture | Instant Fortunes, Inc. | 1978

Acrylic sculpture in the shape of a dollar sign that contains $50,000 in shredded United States currency.  The sculpture measures 5” by 6”.

eBay item 191031738656 sold January 15, 2014 at 14:07:19 PST for $31.00 plus shipping (United States).  Two bidders placed 3 bids.

Acrylic dollar sign sculpture

There is a certificate of authenticity printed on the sculpture that reads:


Package No. B1101 contains the
deminted chips of over $50,000
This certificate of authenticity
does hereby attest to the fact
that the enclosed material is
genuine United States Currency that
has officially been deminted by
the Federal Reserve System,
through authorization by the
Department of the Treasury.


Acrylic dollar sign sculpture detail

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

round container | Enzo Mari | Danese, Italy

Container designed by Enzo Mari for Danese, Italy.  The container base is made of brown anodized aluminum and measures 6cm in height by 13cm diameter at the base.

Enzo Mari round container with lid at sideEnzo Mari round container with lid

The lid/top of the container is made of acrylic that is approximately 2cm (3/4”) thick and 14cm (5-1/2”) in diameter.  The lid features a pattern of two-three-two circles in transparent, now slightly yellowed plastic with the remainder being an opaque, milky white.

Enzo Mari round container top onEnzo Mari round container signature imprint

An edge is signed “ENZO MARI” in much the same way as the large style cube sculptures by Mari are.  The bottom of the container is imprinted with the Danese stamp.

Enzo Mari round container top viewEnzo Mari round container offset lid

  Two additional views of the container.

eBay item 331097041987 ended January 4, 2014 at 14:10:02 PST(France).  Three bidders placed 7 bids and the container sold for £431.00 (note the winning bid in GBP not euro, equivalent to $708.61) plus shipping.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Input 11 container | Conran Associates for Airfix Plastics, Ltd., England

The Crayonne Input 11 container or vase.  Crayonne is a product of Airfix Plastics, Ltd. and is designed by Conran Associates.  Made of green ABS.  The Input 11 stands 9” in height and is 4-1/2” in diameter.

eBay item 290997563600 ended October 23, 2013 at 16:37:27 PDT (United States).  The container sold for $40.99 plus shipping.  Two bidders placed 2 bids. 

Crayonne Input 11 container with boxCrayonne Input 11 container label 

The brochure included in the package describes and explains the inputs.  They are ordered here for convenience, and from 1 through 18 generally increase in size.  It reads, and describes the Inputs as follows:

Crayonne Input Range.  Inputs exist for you to use them just as you will.  They’re a unique range of things you put things in.  Made from ABS, a polished, scratch-resistant and shatterproof heavy plastic, Crayonne.  Inputs come in straightforward red, white, yellow and green.  For more information write to:  Crayone, Airfix Plastics Limited, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames 85131.

Crayonne input 11 container insertCrayonne input 11 container insert

Input 1:  Small food bowl, candle stand, sewing tray.  Not an ashtray.

Input 2:  Input 1 with lid.  Trinket or odds-and-ends box.

Input 3:  Removable heat-resistant insert makes Input 1 an ashtray.

Input 4:  For cheese dip, nuts, side salads, cereals.  Not an ashtray.

Input 5:  Larger ashtray with heat-resistant insert.

Input 6:  It’s an ashtray, bon-bon dish, pin tray or whatever you like.

Input 7:  For fruit, salads, cakes, biscuits, even cotton reels and things.

Input 8:  Big fruit bowl.  Or a serving dish for large tossed salad.

Input 9:  A vase.  Or is it a pen, paintbrush and pipe holder?

Input 10:  Input 9 with lid.  A storage jar for food and cereals.

Input 11:  Tall vase, or maybe a wooden spoon jar.

Input 12:  For magazines, balls of wool, small toys, etc.

Input 13:  A three-hole lid makes 12 a biscuit barrel, silk scarf box, toy tub.

Input 14:  A superb ice-bucket, with lid and removable plastic liner.

Input 15:  A serving dish, food and drink tray or potplant stand.

Input 16:  Potplant pot, children’s clothes tub, utensil holder, or just a bin.

Input 17:  Holds umbrellas, walking sticks, plans, posters, papers.

Input 18:  Input 17 with rim and rubber lid makes a neat bin.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

MirrorWorks Utility Mirror | Syroco, United States of America

Yellow plastic circular framed mirror by Syroco.  The left half features a plate glass mirror.  The right half features a shelf above three hooks.  Similar to the Wall-All III by Dorothee Maurer-Becker

yellow Syroco mirroryellow Syroco mirror from side

This yellow framed mirror is given Item No. 2105 and measures 26-1/4” in diameter and 6-7/8” deep.

eBay item 261367076287 ended January 10, 2014 at 12:49:52 PST.  Item did not sell at $20.00 (though shipping added a considerable amount).

Syroco Mirror Works utility mirror boxyellow Syroco mirror box

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

curtains | Donelin Plastic Fabrics | Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Pair of plastic curtain panels still wrapped in their original paper label.  These were originally purchased from Goldblatts and still have their original 99 cent price tag attached. 

Donelin curtains patterin

Atomic style graphics on the curtain panels.

The curtains have a bumpy textured background.  There are two panels, each measuring 27” wide by 87” long.  Made by the Donelin Plastic Fabric Company in Chicago, Illinois.  “Glorify your window with draperies & curtains by Donelin.”

eBay item 151205625629 ended January 7, 2014 at 14:49:14 PST (United States).  The pair of drapes sold “Buy It Now” for $10 plus shipping.

  Donelin curtains Donelin curtains back

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