Wednesday, January 29, 2014

13 inch Lucite ruler

This Lucite ruler is unusual in that it counts to 13 inches instead of the usual 12.  But many of these thick, chunky measuring sticks do go to 13 for some reason.  The ruler is made of 3/8” thick acrylic and is 13” long by 2-1/8” wide.  The numerals that identify full inches are 1-5/8” tall. 

Lucite ruler top sideLucite ruler bottom side

The odd numbered inches are screened in white ink on the top side of the ruler.  The even numbered inches and divisions are screened in reverse in black ink on the bottom side of the ruler.  This way they can be read normally when viewed from the top down.  It also gives an alternating sense of depth to the numbers.  Divisions for full, half, eighth, and sixteenths of an inch are present.

Lucite ruler

Because of the nature of the screened ink and through general use, it is normal to find these rulers with scratches on them.  While I am not sure of a maker or manufacturer, this ruler has a label affixed that reads “MADE IN TAIWAN”.

Lucite ruler MADE IN TAIWAN label

This style of ruler was used for promotional purposes, as they are frequently found with the Playboy bunny logo on the “1” inch numeral.  This ruler has an opposite color theme, with white on the bottom and black on the top.  It also has a different font for the numerals and has inches divided only into half, quarter, and eighths.  Yet, it still retains many of the characteristics of the ruler above. Image source:  eBay.

Playboy Lucite acrylic ruler whole Playboy Lucite acrylic ruler

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