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Brumbry (Brumbury) table lamp | Luigi Massoni | Harvey Guzzini, Italy | 1969

First off, while Guzzini lists this lamp as the “Brumbry” it is often called the “Brumbury.” This naming issue can makes it more challenging to search the lamp.  Luigi Massoni is the designer, and the lamp was produced by Guzzini starting in 1969.

Luigi Massoni Brumbry lamp by Guzzini

Above:  Brumbry table lamp in white.  The lamp was in production from 1969 to 1982. Dimensions: 450mm diameter by 430mm height.  Between 1969 and 1972, the product number of the lamp was 507. Between 1973 and 1982, the product number of the lamp was 4009. Image source:  Guzzini Archives.

The Brumbry lamp features a two tiered shade made of methacrylate (acrylic). The shade comes in two colors, white and orange. The top dome of the shade is edged with chrome and there is a hole at the top of the dome to allow heat to escape.  The white and orange color schemes were common to Guzzini lamps in the late 60s.  The Bud and Bud Grande and Clan lamps were offered in a similar pair of colors.  The white and orange lamps below, image source: eBay.

Guzzini Brumbry lamp orange shade detail


Guzzini Brumbry lamp white offGuzzini Brumbry lamp whiteGuzzini Brumbry lamp white switch detailGuzzini Brumbry lamp white label


Guzzini Brumbry lamp orange oblique Guzzini Brumbry lamp orange with switch 

The lamp houses four E14 bulbs. One bulb is located in the top tier dome and three are located in the lower shade. The electrical switch operates such that the top dome bulb can be turned on for uplighting, the three lower bulbs can be turned on for downlighting or all four bulbs can be illuminated simultaneously.

The three lower bulbs can be easily changed. The top bulb is accessible by turning three chrome bolts with spherical heads in the underside. The lamp features a large, columnar white lacquered metal standard above a chrome base.

Brumbry table lamp by Luigi Massoni for Guzzini underside

The underside of the Brumbry lamp shade. Image source: Visavu Design.

Brumbry table lamp schematicSchematic of the Brumbry table lamp.

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