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Input 11 container | Conran Associates for Airfix Plastics, Ltd., England

The Crayonne Input 11 container or vase.  Crayonne is a product of Airfix Plastics, Ltd. and is designed by Conran Associates.  Made of green ABS.  The Input 11 stands 9” in height and is 4-1/2” in diameter.

eBay item 290997563600 ended October 23, 2013 at 16:37:27 PDT (United States).  The container sold for $40.99 plus shipping.  Two bidders placed 2 bids. 

Crayonne Input 11 container with boxCrayonne Input 11 container label 

The brochure included in the package describes and explains the inputs.  They are ordered here for convenience, and from 1 through 18 generally increase in size.  It reads, and describes the Inputs as follows:

Crayonne Input Range.  Inputs exist for you to use them just as you will.  They’re a unique range of things you put things in.  Made from ABS, a polished, scratch-resistant and shatterproof heavy plastic, Crayonne.  Inputs come in straightforward red, white, yellow and green.  For more information write to:  Crayone, Airfix Plastics Limited, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames 85131.

Crayonne input 11 container insertCrayonne input 11 container insert

Input 1:  Small food bowl, candle stand, sewing tray.  Not an ashtray.

Input 2:  Input 1 with lid.  Trinket or odds-and-ends box.

Input 3:  Removable heat-resistant insert makes Input 1 an ashtray.

Input 4:  For cheese dip, nuts, side salads, cereals.  Not an ashtray.

Input 5:  Larger ashtray with heat-resistant insert.

Input 6:  It’s an ashtray, bon-bon dish, pin tray or whatever you like.

Input 7:  For fruit, salads, cakes, biscuits, even cotton reels and things.

Input 8:  Big fruit bowl.  Or a serving dish for large tossed salad.

Input 9:  A vase.  Or is it a pen, paintbrush and pipe holder?

Input 10:  Input 9 with lid.  A storage jar for food and cereals.

Input 11:  Tall vase, or maybe a wooden spoon jar.

Input 12:  For magazines, balls of wool, small toys, etc.

Input 13:  A three-hole lid makes 12 a biscuit barrel, silk scarf box, toy tub.

Input 14:  A superb ice-bucket, with lid and removable plastic liner.

Input 15:  A serving dish, food and drink tray or potplant stand.

Input 16:  Potplant pot, children’s clothes tub, utensil holder, or just a bin.

Input 17:  Holds umbrellas, walking sticks, plans, posters, papers.

Input 18:  Input 17 with rim and rubber lid makes a neat bin.

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