Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lucite acrylic ruler

Here is a different ruler than the 13 inch Lucite ruler I recently posted.  This ruler only measures to 12 inches, yet it has a little extra length, coming in at 12-1/8” long.

12 inch Lucite ruler top12 inch Lucite ruler bottom

The numbers and design are screened in black ink on the top of the plastic.  The ruler is divided only into whole and half inches, and the division lines are 1/4” wide.  This is not a ruler meant for precision.  The numerals are approximately 3/8” tall and from 1 to 6 seem to be moving to the right into a vanishing point at 6-1/2”, in the center of the ruler.   From 7 to 12, they appear to be moving to the left to the same vanishing point.  The and the ruler itself is 2” wide and 1/2” thick.  It is a substantial piece.

12 inch vanishing point Lucite ruler side view

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