Thursday, February 6, 2014

orange and white filing drawers

Pair of small filing cabinets for papers.  Essentially these are letter trays made into cabinet form.  Each file has three orange drawers in a white cabinet.  The files can be stacked or used separately, side by side.  Entirely of plastic construction.

eBay item 191043827632, Buy It Now at $99.00 (United States).

orange face drawers front orange face drawers oblique orange face drawers open

Each file is 9-3/4” wide by 11-3/4” deep by 5-5/8” in height.  Each individual drawer measures 8-3/4” wide by 11-1/4” deep by 1-1/2” in height.   

orange face drawers stacking mechanismorange face drawers side by side

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