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Wat-r-Jug double spout pitcher | Kilgore, Inc. | Westerville, Ohio, United States | 1947-1955

Here is a Wat-r-Jug double spout pitcher by Kilgore, Inc. in Shel-Glo salmon pink plastic. The pitchers come in a variety of other complementary colors.  In addition to the salmon, yellow, and green presented here, the bottle was also produced in gray.

Kilgore Manufacturing was incorporated in 1917 to produce toy cap pistols. Joseph D. Kilgore moved his business from Homestead, Pennsylvania to Westerville, Ohio in 1919.  In 1935, the company branched out to make plastic housewares called Shel-Glo. The production of these items continued until 1955.  From the Year in Blenko Water Bottles blog, the first production of the Wat-r-Jug likely dates to post World War II, in 1947.

What is interesting about this pitcher is its similarity in form to the Blenko blown glass double spouted pitcher, which dates to 1938.  The Wat-r-Jug is 8-1/4” tall, 6-1/4” wide, and 3” thick.  It holds approximately a quart of liquid.

salmon pink Shel Glo double spout pitcher with stopper

The Shel-Glo pitcher is actually more detailed than the Blenko, with embellishments in design that would not necessarily be practical in large scale production blown glass.  There are four vertical lines that run from top to bottom of the pitcher and cross hatching and two concentric circles in the impressed area.

eBay item 231204607442 ended April 19, 2014 at 17:56:15 PDT (United States).  One bidder placed 2 bids and the pitcher sold for $9.99 plus shipping.

salmon pink Shel Glo double spout pitcher with stopper sidesalmon pink Shel Glo double spout pitcher with stopper interior   

One difference between the Shel-Glo Wat-r-Jug plastic pitcher and Blenko glass pitcher is the stopper that comes with the Wat-r-Jug. The stopper features a tab for an easy grab and pull, and a cross hatched design that matches the cross hatching on the body of the container.

salmon pink Shel Glo double spout pitcher with stopper stopper

Shel-Glo Wat-r-Jug pitchers typically sell in the range of $2 (yes, that cheaply) to $20.


The Shel-Glo pitcher is given code number 101.  In this example, it was sold as part of a tumbler set, which is given code number 103.  The label on the Wat-r-Jug reads:

No. 101



For water, juices, beverages.  Plug keeps flavors in, odors out.  Takes less width in refrig-erator than quart milk bottle.  Strongly made.  Ask for Kilgore tumblers in matching colors.

yellow Shel Glo double spout pitcher label yellow Shel Glo double spout pitcher with tumbler set in boxyellow Shel Glo double spout pitcher with tumbler setyellow Shel Glo double spout pitcher with tumbler set box


turquoise Shel Glo double spout pitcher

For comparison, here are some pictures of a Blenko blown glass double spout pitcher.

Blenko glass double spout pitcherBlenko glass double spout pitcher labelBlenko glass double spout pitcher inside  


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