Saturday, September 20, 2014

Videosphere black and white television | Ryuzo Fujita | JVC (Victor Company of Japan) | 1970 | UPDATE

This post is an update to my original post about the JVC Videosphere television.   Similar in most respects to the model 3240, this example is given the model number 3240AQC.  The large differences are not apparent until you look at the back of the set.  Views from the front show this lack of difference.

JVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC frontJVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC side 1JVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC side 2

The model 3240AQR Videosphere television has a plate on the back and a switch which allows three power settings: US, US(EUROPE), and CCIR.

JVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC power switch detail

Detail of the power switch.

JVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC backJVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC back 2JVC Videosphere black and white television model 3240AQC back power cord detail

JVC Videosphere black and white television model 3241 back On the back of the 3240AQC model, there is a depressed well.  In this well is placed a sticker that reads “120V – 220V”.  This well is present in other models of the TV, without a sticker indicating the voltage options, as shown in the model 3241 to the left.

Additionally there is a sticker below the power cord (there is no depressed well in the plastic for this sticker) which reads:


eBay item 321518609105 sold September 17, 2014 at 11:29:15 PDT (United States). This television sold without one of the power cords and discolored as usual for $56.00 plus shipping.

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