Friday, September 26, 2014

Poly Plex wall storage organizer

While this particular item is unmarked, its look and its back indicate that it is a Poly Plex wall organizer, similar to this one, which is oriented differently.  Here is a vintage purple plastic wall organizer that measures 18” by 12-3/4”.

This wall organizer is in the style of the UTEN.SILO and Wall-All by Dorothee Maurer-Becker.  Click to be taken to the UTEN.SILO I, UTEN.SILO II, or Wall-All III.

This wall organizer is clearly designed for the bathroom, and features a mirror, three identical pockets, and a towel bar.  The Lucite bar is too tight to the frame to hold a towel, though.

eBay item 271599145027 (United States) did not sell at $195.

Poly Plex purple storage bar and mirror frontPoly Plex purple storage bar and mirror back

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