Monday, March 2, 2015

playing cards alarm clock | Bulova | Japan

Here is a Bulova wind up alarm clock with a playing cards or poker theme.  The front face reads “BULOVA” and at the bottom reads “JAPAN” in an arc.  There are similarities to this alarm clock by Elgin, West Germany.

Bulova playing cards clock front

The dial is white with dots for numerals, a red hour hand, and a black minute hand.  The dots and clock hands are glow-in-the-dark.  The front case of the clock features the numerals as well as the four suits: hearts represents 12, clubs represents 3, diamonds represents 6, and spades represents 9. 

Bulova playing cards clock mechanismBulova playing cards clock
The left side of the clock features the Queen of Diamonds, the top of the clock features the King of Spades, and the right side of the clock features the Jack of Hearts.  This is the same series of cards as on the Elgin playing cards alarm clock I previously posted about.

Bulova playing cards clock back

Back of the clock, showing mechanism.
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