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plastic animals | Don Manning | Nosco Plastics, Pennsylvania, United States

Nosco Plastics, Inc. (often abbreviated as NOSCO) was the plastics molding division of National Organ Supply Company.  The division was created in 1934 to make plastic parts for electric organs and was located in Pennsylvania.  Beginning in 1948, NOSCO employed a new screw injection molding process that was used to manufacture huge quantities of cheap, small plastic toys.  These toys, called “slum” were used as party favors, drink markers, carnival merchandise, and Cracker Jack prizes.

According to plastic toy historian and author Bill Hanlon, the Don Manning Studio was operating in New York City prior to the start of World War II. Manning contributed highly stylized, fantastical art deco impressions of a menagerie of animals.  While this particular post is specifically about  horses, there are many others that will be a part of future posts.  Some pieces are unmarked, some are marked “U.S.A.”, some are marked “DON MANNING” and some of the larger pieces are marked “DESIGNED BY DON MANNING”. 

I previously posted about a “Stylized mustang horse brooch pin” that is clearly a Manning design.  Based on what I have seen, it looks like the pin back might have been added later.  Most of the small and mid-sized NOSCO/Manning animals would probably work well as a pin.  Below are the rearing stylized horses in two different sizes.

Don Manning rearing horses in two sizes

Below are two colors of the standing stylized horse.  This version measures approximately 2-1/2” in height and is marked “U.S.A.” on outside of the back right leg.

Green.  eBay item 321672578819 ended February 22, 2015 at 6:00PM (United States).  Three bidders placed 7 bids. Sold for $10.03 plus $2.00 shipping.

Don Manning green horse rightDon Manning green horse LEFT Don Manning green horse USA

Black.  eBay item 221693823709 ended February 22, 2015 at 5:53PM (United States).  Two bidders placed 2 bids. Sold for $7.38 plus $2.00 shipping.

Don Manning black horse right Don Manning black horse leftDon Manning black horse above


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