Saturday, May 2, 2015

rocket cocktail shaker | Sterilite Corporation, United Plastics Corporation

Here is a vintage, space age (obviously!) cocktail shaker marked Steri-lite and United Plastics Corporation.  The rocket has a yellow top, a red body, and yellow base.  The rocket base features four fins and is free standing.  The shaker measures 9” in height and has a hinged cap at its capsule top that is used to pour out your drinks.

eBay item 191487719506 sold January 26, 2015 at 3:07PM (United States).  Six bidders placed 15 bids on the cocktail shaker.  The shaker sold for $67.66 plus $6.00 shipping.

United Plastics Corp Steri-lite rocket sahaped cocktail shaker frontUnited Plastics Corp Steri-lite rocket shaped cocktail shaker top

The rocket is marked on the bottom: Steri-lite (in script), around the base: FITCHBURG MASS / USA   UNITED / PLASTIC CORP and vertically PAT PEND and 2.  The numeral 2 is presumably a mold number.

United Plastics Corp Steri-lite rocket shaped cocktail shaker bottom

The Steri-lite mark refers to the Sterilite Corporation, which was founded in 1939 as a partnership between Saul and Edward Stone and Earl Tupper (yes, the Tupper of Tupperware fame) and at the time was located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  United Plastics Corporation has been a leader in the manufacturing of quality plastic products since 1946.


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