Sunday, March 15, 2015

toy gun Cowboy Comb

From a more innocent time comes these combs.  I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to make a comb in the shape of a gun?  Ignoring the obvious problems someone might have with a comb that looks like this (putting it up to a head comes to mind), I bet they were a fun plaything and you were boss if you had one.  These combs feature a cowboy hat and sheriff’s badge on the handle, and designs further up near the trigger.  Clearly these combs are an attempt to market the western fad that was sweeping the nation when they were likely manufactured.  They measure 5-3/4” in length.  A novelty item, the selling price on eBay is typically in the $5-$10 range.

red gun comb with paper sleeve holster

The comb in red from etsy seller SanDiego Vintage, showing the Cowboy comb in its original paper “holster” sleeve.

The comb is marked on one side, at the bottom of the piece:


Cowboy gun comb imprint

yellow gun combblue gun comb

Above:  the Cowboy gun comb in yellow and blue.  Image source:  eBay.

pink gun comb

Another design in pink with its original holster.  It is less detailed than the combs above, having a sheriff’s badge and hatch marks on the stock.  Image source:  etsy seller SanDiego Vintage.

brown toy gun comb

The design from the pink comb in brown, used with black ink as an advertising item.  This advertisement is for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.   Image source:  eBay.

new plastic gun comb   white gun comb

Gun combs are still manufactured, but with a decidedly more modern feel.  Commonly made in black and white, they measure 8-1/4” (21cm) length by 10cm height and are 0.5cm thick, and are made of ABS.

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