Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quadrat soap-dish | Hammarplast | Sweden

Here is a Quadrat soap-dish made by Hammarplast, Sweden.  While it was sold as a soap dish, pictures in the literature that accompany the dish show other possibilities. You might expect the focus of this product to be the bathroom, but it seems in fact that the target focus is the kitchen!  The dish itself is large, at 6” by 6” square.  It features a ring and a bowl shaped protrusion for storage in which fits a chrome plated holder.

One picture in the accompanying literature shows a more traditional, side by side use with the caption, “White looks clean and fresh.”

Quadrat soap dish Hammarplast Sweden soap dish kitchen2

Another picture from the literature shows a 5 by 5 array of the soap dish, with them being used for all kinds of storage.  When arranged this way, the series of pockets serve as a wall storage unit.

Quadrat soap dish Hammarplast Sweden soap dish kitchen1

The caption on the picture reads: The opposite of a standard kitchen.  An exclusive, entirely white kitchen with only Quadrat as a decorative element, apart from the fixed fittings and furniture.

Quadrat soap dish Hammarplast Sweden soap dish frontQuadrat soap dish Hammarplast Sweden soap dish top 2

Front and top views of the Quadrat soap-dish for Hammarplast, Sweden.

Quadrat soap dish Hammarplast Sweden soap dish parts

Wall mount and back view of the Quadrat soap-dish for Hammarplast, Sweden.

Quadrat soap dish Hammarplast Sweden soap dish box

Box, Quadrat soap-dish for Hammarplast, Sweden.

eBay item 181670107971 sold February 22, 2015 at 7:32PM (United States). One bidder placed 1 bid on the soap dish and it sold for $11.99 with free shipping.

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